City Stores develops and manages for you an Online Store and multiple channels in an innovative, simple, and friendly way

We take the work out of selling online.
But not just the work – the complexity and headache as well.
We do so by providing a complete solution composing sales channel, marketing and advertising, social networks, logistics and photography.
All through the simplest control system - One Click!

Online and Mobile Marketing Channels

One-Click Online Store

You continue design/select & price products. We do all the rest! A high-end online store. Social networks and a full business solution.

CityStores - The Local Mall

Location based virtual mall. The innovative unique mall allows buying in branded stores (Yours!) based on location and desired item's attributes.

Global Multi-Channels

Automatic distribution of your store to leading global sale channels and marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon. We take care of everything, even delivery.

Mobile App

Location based Shopping App allowing consumers to buy in your branded store and the virtual Mall. Fits all devices and platforms.

Your customers are waiting online, where are you?

Marketing & Management Services in One-Click

Control Tablet

You get our unique Control Tablet for your one-click control panel

Advertising, SEO & Social

Optimization and maximization of your advertising budget for sales


Solution includes top photographers, studio, model and stylist


Just prepare the package. We do the rest


Control Tablet

You get our unique Control Tablet (with 3G) for your one-click control panel


Advertising, SEO, Social Networks

Optimization and maximization of your advertising budget for sales



Solution includes top photographers, studio, model, stylist at a very low cost



Just prepare the package. We do the rest

Join now and you could increase your sales online: Call now 077-6935806

Your Agents On-Line!

Establishing a successful on-line brand requires vast amounts of work and effort over time. Using our unique technology and knowledge in e-commerce and on-line sales, we manage and lead your brand establishment and success on-line in a short/long term contract of your choice

Image1 Image1
1 Developing a unique premium design and web store, tailor-made
2 Managing your web-store and on-line campaigns 24/7 , confirming and maximizing results
3 Owning a unique technological tools and platform that will differ you from your competitors
4 Upgrade your store all-the-time, based on sales results

Establishment and success of a brand on-line requires time and effort, a one-time investment in a web-store build project without continuity and professional management is sentenced to fail

We only receive actual payment with the success of your brand to sell on-line , not before and not ahead. We take full responsibility for the overall on-line brand success and sales not only for web-store establishment stage. Our contracts are either short or long term for your to choose from and are always win-win based.

We focus on the overall profit/loss of the brand on-line and achieving customer’s goals overtime


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About CityStores

City Stores

CityStores was founded to provide physical stores a comprehensive solution for online selling, based on the understanding that the key is to provide store owner the ability to continue to do what they do best - selection and pricing - and to ensure that everything else is taken care of by CityStores: the online store, global sales channels, marketing and advertising, operating and updating the (online) store, photography (of products), delivery, and payment processing.
Additionally, CityStores is building a network of innovative virtual malls that are location based. Those malls will present and market the branded online stores working with CityStores and allow consumers to buy not only based on the products they want, but based on their preferred location as well.